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Workshop Testimonials


"I've been working in the field of Gerontology and dementia for over 16 years. I have attended countless conferences and workshops. I attended your Montessori training on Monday and Tuesday of this week and while I thought it was helpful I had no idea just how helpful or how much I had retained until being back at work for the past few days. The content of your presentation but mostly importantly, your teaching methods are amazing. I am absolutely amazed at the amount of information I have retained just by you repeating and repeating the key messages! I am so excited to begin having the staff on my team (myself included) begin looking at behaviors related to dementia in a new and innovative way. You are changing the face of dementia care and since I can't stop thinking about you or the workshop I wanted to take the opportunity to share my thoughts with you. Thank you so much for all that you do!!!"

"Life changing - thousands of ideas & hope for the future!"
(Kingston, ON)
"This philosophy of care gives residents a reason to get up in the morning."
(Scarborough, ON)
"This seminar made me think about Dementia in a different way - how even someone who is severely affected by Dementia can have quality in their life"
(Whitby, ON)

"I feel as though I have so much to bring back to Yellowknife, there is so much that can be done at our facility."
"Amazing, there are no words to describe."
"This workshop should be mandatory for everyone working in Dementia Care"
(Lindsay, ON)
"This workshop makes me feel quite emotional to realize where our dementia residence is lacking in providing residents with purpose.  I feel motivated to start making changes."
"On the Wednesday morning ater the workshop when I was working with my exercise group at work we were all close enough to be able to hold hands so at the end of group as asked if everyone would please join hands and I thanked all of them for being a part of my exercise group today and asked would you like to join me again on Friday and they all said they would come back. Here is the chilling/goose bump part.... one of the residents says "WOW is it ever nice to hold each others hands!" so THANK YOU again Gail!!"

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